All Aluminum Conductor (AAC) BS215

◊Production capacity:2000 ton/month


◊Delivery:5~15 official days.

◊Standards:IEC,ASTM,DIN,BS; or according to customers’ requirements.

◊Delivery length:as per customers’ request.

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AAC wire conductors are used in overhead power transmission and distribution lines with various grade voltages. Under the same weight,AAC aluminum conductor is with higher DC resistance and lower cost than copper conductor. Aluminum is light and is easy to lay.

The aluminum overhead conductors are suitable for use in spans on wood poles, transmission towers,and other structures where tensile strength and temperature ratings are not required. Application range from extra high voltage(EHV) transmission lines to sub-service spans at distribution or utilization voltages on private premises.

AAC(All aluminum conductor) is the most economical bare overhead conductor due to its lighter weight. It offers easier handing during installation and use of simpler fittings. The aluminum conductor is corrosion resistant due to its homogeneous construction.

Code NameNominal  Cross SectionNo./Dia.of Stranding WiresOverall DiameterApprox. WeightMax.D.C Resistance  of Conductor at 20℃Calculated Breaking LoadFinal Modulus of ElasticityCoefficient of Linear Expansion
Midge227/2.066.18641.227399590023 x 10-6
Aphis253/3.357.2731.081411590023 x 10-6
Gnat257/2.216.6731.066459590023 x 10-6
Weevil303/3.667.9860.9082486590023 x 10-6
Mosquito357/2.597.81010.7762603590023 x 10-6
Ladybird407/2.798.41170.6689687590023 x 10-6
Ant507/3.109.31450.5419828590023 x 10-6
Fly607/3.4010.21740.4505990590023 x 10-6
Bluebottle707/3.66112020.38811134590023 x 10-6
Earwing757/3.7811.42150.36441194590023 x 10-6
Grasshopper807/3.9111.72300.34061278590023 x 10-6
Clegg907/4.1712.52620.29941453590023 x 10-6
Wasp1007/4.3913.172900.27021600590023 x 10-6
Beetle10019/2.6713.42930.27041742560023 x 10-6
Bee1257/4.9014.73610.21691944590023 x 10-6
Cricket1507/5.3616.14320.18182385590023 x 10-6
Hornet15019/3.2516.254340.18252570560023 x 10-6
Caterpillar17519/3.5317.75120.15472863560023 x 10-6
Chafer20019/3.7818.95870.13493240560023 x 10-6
Spider22519/3.9920.06520.12113601560023 x 10-6
Cockroach25019/4.2221.17310.10834040560023 x 10-6
Butterfly30019/4.6523.258880.089164875560023 x 10-6
Moth35019/5.002510270.077115637560023 x 10-6
Drone35037/3.5825.110290.077415745560023 x 10-6
Locust40019/5.3626.811790.067106473560023 x 10-6
Centipede40037/3.7826.4611450.069446310560023 x 10-6
Maybug45037/4.0928.613420.059317401560023 x 10-6
Scorpion50037/4.2729.914600.054417998560023 x 10-6
Cicada60037/4.6532.617330.045889495560023 x 10-6
Tarantula75037/5.2336.621910.0362712010560023 x 10-6


All aluminum conductor AAC cable

aac conductor for power transmission

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